Picture of Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell, Senior Developer

15+ years of professional experience you can drop anywhere in the stack.

Work History

OvationCXM: July 2023 - Present

Evolving the traditional CRM.

Grow: January 2012 - July 2023

Created award-winning interactive experiences.

Notable Projects

Boston Marathon Race Films: Watch the video overview

Executed twice in 2018 and 2019, we placed cameras in several places to capture footage of each runner during highlight points of the race. My responsibilities included integrating with the BAA's RFID analytics to figure out where we can find clips of the individual runner and compose a complete film for them. This involved a bespoke FFMPEG-based video pipeline that was able to deliver over 30,000 personalized films before dinner.

Madden GIFERATOR: Watch the video overview

We gave the people the power to meme, and the people delivered. My responsibilities were on both sides. The backend involved a custom Java-based GIF renderer, written mostly with the Java2D API. It is actually so close to the HTML5 Canvas API that I was able to reuse the code to show instant previews on the frontend, rendered by the browser directly. My frontend work was a custom realtime moderation panel, based on React.

Window Wonderland: Watch the video overview

We recorded some of New York's best holiday storefronts and allowed users to freely scrub through and zoom in. The entire project is a sea of JPEG files: the users are effectively scrubbing videos as if they have a keyframe for every frame. This project was Grow's first Vue project, something we had to learn on-the-go since React's licensing issues at the time got it banned from usage in this project. Despite learning under pressure, our work paved the way for many more years of Vue projects at the company.

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